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We are Ipswich Borough Council.

Ambitious for the future of our borough and our council.

Ipswich Borough Council provides a voice for its communities and a wide range of services to meet our residents’ needs. The Council is playing a key role in growing our local economy. Together, we are building a better Ipswich.

With a commercial and community focused approach, in the last five years we’ve provided over £2m of funding to community groups, built 100 new homes and secured planning for 250 more; our Local Plan has now been adopted; we’ve got planning consent for a new carbon neutral depot; introduced over 100 electric vehicles into our fleet; secured £25m Towns Fund with our partners; designed and secured funding for a major redevelopment of Ipswich Museum; hosted well over 1m people at Council run events; supported our communities through the pandemic; and brought hundreds of jobs to Ipswich and much more.

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As a council, we have defined a set of five key priorities for our borough and communities:

  • A thriving Town Centre: Making Ipswich Town Centre the heart of the community. A place where everyone can feel safe and welcome, and where people can shop, socialise, and experience brilliant culture, and access the services they need.


  • Meeting the housing needs of our community: Making sure that everyone in Ipswich has access to quality homes that they can afford to live in. To do this, the borough needs more new housing. The council will build council homes and work to attract good home builders to the area, as well as continuing to lobby the government to build more homes.


  • A carbon neutral council: The council will take practical and decisive action on the climate emergency and become a carbon neutral council by 2030.


  • Promoting community wellbeing and fairness in Ipswich: The council will work with partners to tackle inequalities, improve people’s health, and making sure that everyone has access to the parks, culture, sport, and local facilities which improve residents’ quality of life.


  • A financially sustainable council providing good quality services: Dealing with financial challenges transparently and with the needs of residents guiding decisions, continuing to provide a range of good quality, efficient and reliable services.


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