Ambition Ipswich

Political Structure and Decision Making

Ipswich Borough Council is made up of 48 Borough Councillors (3 for each of the 16 Council wards) who are elected for 4 year terms (with election of a third of the Council each year and elections to the County Council in the 4th year).

The political group make-up of the Council is as follows:

Labour 33
Conservative 13
Liberal Democrat 2

The Council is led by a Labour administration.

The Council has adopted a Leader and Executive model of decision-making. The Leader of the Council is Councillor David Ellesmere and the Deputy Leader is Councillor Bryony Rudkin. The Executive is made up of eight administration councillors, including the Leader of the Council, and the Leader of the Conservative Group. The Executive is responsible for decisions within the overall policy framework set by the council.

The eight administration Councillors each has responsibility for a portfolio of services and policy issues. They are:

Councillor David Ellesmere Leader of the Council,
Economic Development & Property
Councillor Bryony Rudkin Deputy Leader,
Culture & Leisure
Councillor Philip Smart Environment & Transport
Councillor Carole Jones Development,
Councillor Neil MacDonald Housing & Health
Councillor Alasdair Ross Public Protection,
Customer Services
Councillor Sophie Meudec Communities
Councillor Martin Cook Resources

The full Council – made up of all 48 Councillors and chaired by the Mayor of Ipswich (an annual appointment of one of the 48 Councillors) – is responsible for the Council's overall policy direction and for setting its annual budget.

The council has a Strategic Overview & Scrutiny Committee (currently chaired by a Conservative Councillor). Its role is to hold the Executive to account for the decisions it makes and to scrutinise the way in which policies are implemented and council services are delivered.

In addition the Council has a number of other committees that Councillors sit on. These include 5 Area Committees where local issues are addressed and discussed and decisions made on a range of matters that have been delegated to these Committees.

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